In all humans’ hair grows at the same rate. So, the common misconception is that one’s hair is not growing as fast another. What is different between one man’s luscious beard and another’s scraggly facial mane boils down to genetics. Most often than not (about 85% of the time) good genetics can give you good facial hair that grows into a nice full beard. But, there are also a few things you may be doing wrong if you think your beard is not good enough.

We are here to right your wrongs.

  • First off remember the 4-week rule! Most men trying to grow a beard get impatient and itchy by about the 2nd week of attempting to grow one. This makes them either trim their beard to reduce the itching. This leads to your beard looking both unkempt and patchy.
  • Ride out the storm and at the end of four weeks you will find a change! If you find it challenging to grow out a beard because of where you work or study, plan growing it out just before you leave for vacation. This way you can avoid the unkempt, unshaven look.
  • Secondly, don’t forget to oil your beard from the get go. Beard care can stem your itching and can also keep your skin healthier, thereby promoting growth.
  • Lastly, remember always that you are what you eat. This applies to your beard too. Eating the right vitamins and nutrients can naturally enhance the quality of your beard. Look for green leafy vegetables for vitamin B12, carrots and egg yolks for vitamin A and citrus fruits for vitamin C. These vitamins are essential for good skin and better hair growth. Also, don’t forget that exercise is the strongest medicine! So, get your move on for that beautiful, thick, silky beard.

Better your beard care today!