Before we delve into how to make that men’s beard softer and straighter, let us discuss why beards are rough in the first place. One of the main causes for a rough beard is non-cleaning of it. By non-cleaning, we mean the frequency with which you clean it. Most often than not, many men after a long day, either forget to clean their beards or are simply too tired. This can lead to a mangy, dry and rough look.

If you are following the right maintenance protocol and still feel like your beard is rough it could be because of dust, pollution, use of hard water, lack of proper nutrition and exercise and even a dry climate.

While we might have too much control over that hard water or the climate, we can still achieve a soft and straight beard look by following these simple steps.

  • Make sure to use beard oil, shampoo and conditioner. Wash your beard just as you would wash your hair. Three times a week is a good frequency for good maintenance.
  • Make sure to wash off all the products from your hair thoroughly, because if you don’t the reverse will happen, it will look dryer and rougher.
  • Brush your hair down in a downward direction using a fine beard comb and brush every morning and at night before bed. Going to bed with wet beard hair only means a messy and frizzy beard in the morning. So, brush it out with a blow dryer if wet. This can also make for a straighter beard.
  • All through the day make sure to eat healthy and hydrate yourself regularly. This makes for a big difference where a soft and straight man beard is concerned!