Minimal Growth Combined with Short Stubble

The following cool beard styles are for guys who like to keep things short, neat, trimmed, and professional. Perfect for any work environment or for guys who love that rolled out of bed look.

1. Simple Yet Short

The simple yet short look for a guy features a beard that fades into the sideburnswith that close-shaved goatee. This look can also be coupled with a faded cut and a side part, perfect for the guy looking for that classy elegant look.

2. Prominent Definition

This short style features a prominent soul patch with hair in the dip above the lip. Thicker sideburns help to bring out the definition look.

3. Thin and Thick

One elegant yet classy look is going with the thin beard coupled with thicker sideburns. This is a great look as opposed to fading and tapering, although not suitable for all faces, it goes great with guys looking to make their face appear shorter.

4. Defined Lines

This beard is the definition of perfection. The goatee must be partially shaved, leaving the small soul patch of hair under the lip and some under the chin too. This section of hair accents the masculinity of the jaw line and chin.

5. Little Effort

5. Little Effort - Little Effort Beard In Short Beard Styles

The dream short beard look for every guy, having that 5 o’clock shadow all day long. To pull off the little effort look you need to shave the beard closely to outline the face, allowing it to grow out naturally on the neck.

6. Trace of Little Fuzz

6. Trace of Little Fuzz - Trace of Little Fuzz In Short Beard Styles

The little fuzzy look is nothing more than a short beard left alone, allowing your face to look like you really put in little effort shaving. To master this fun look, let the beard grow in a little, then trim it down so it is short but not too short that it is too close to your skin.

7. Classic Shorter Length Beard

Classic Shorter Length Beard Style in Short Beard Styles

While on the surface it appears the beard is growing naturally without any maintenance, it has in fact been trimmed very closely to the skin. Leave the outline and neckline alone to grow naturally, with the hairline and sideburns trimmed to be clean-cut.

8. Mustache and Chin Strap

Mustache and Chin Strap Beard In Short Beard Styles

For the guy who can not grow a full beard, the chin strap and mustache is the perfect alternative. To achieve this look, shave most of the face except for the mustache and the hair along the jaw line. Now trim the outline of the chin strap so it looks straight and even, trim a mustache to the length of the chin strap.

9. Prominent Goatee

Prominent Goatee Beard In Short Beard Styles

Grow out your goatee and begin to trim down the rest of the beard. The key here is having a full face of hair, except the goatee will grow out thicker than the rest, allowing it to really be prominent on the face.

10. The Thin Goatee

The Thin Goatee In Short Beard Styles

Unlike the prominent goatee, the hair on the face is shaved and the goatee is trimmed close to the face. The soul patch is left and extends down towards the chin. Sideburns need to have clean lines to pull off this neat and trim look.

11. Masculine and Simple

Masculine and Simple In Short Beard Styles

The two words masculine and simple seem to be opposites, but they create classic short beard styles that are powerful. To make this work, go with the full beard and clean outlines close to the face. Shape the goatee to emphasize your chin with beard shaping tool.

Moderately Thicker Beard Styles

The following short men beard styles and for guys who like to have a little fullness to their beards. These beards look best when there are no bare patches, and will only grow to moderate thickness.

12. Short and Tapered

Short and Tapered Beard In Short Beard Styles

To make this beard style work, the facial hair needs to gradually fade to the sideburns. Perfect for the guy with a round face because the chin will be elongated and not cut-off by the sideburns.

13. The Patchy Goatee

The Patchy Goatee Beard In Short Beard Styles

When you have a patchy beard, shaving most of the face and going with a goatee is the perfect way to still enjoy sporting facial hair. Simply leave the facial hair on the cheeks, shave the rest including the chin, allowing the soul patch to extend to the chin beard.

14. Bold and Thick

Bold and Thick Beard In Short Beard Styles

This is the full beard look cleaned up a bit to keep things real. The clean outline plus the defined chin highlights the jawbone and perfect for the guy able to grow a thick and luxurious beard.

15. The Full Goatee

Full Goatee Beard In Short Beard Styles

This shorter length full beard style features the goatee that contains the maximum amount of hair compared to all the others mentioned. To make this style look elegant, outline the soul patch inside the goatee and leave the rest to grow full. Touch up the outline of the beard with straight lines along your cheekbones.

16. The Natural Outline

The Natural Outline Beard In Short Beard Styles

For this look, we go with moderate thickness and a completely natural look. Let the goatee be shaped as you wish, leave it attached to the beard rather than the detached look.

17. Short Beard Textured

Short Beard Textured In Short Beard Styles

To get this classic beard look, it really has a lot to do with the state in which your hair grows. Allow the beard to grow naturally without any use of beard brush. Let the mustache grow long and then curl up the ends for additional texture.

18. Naturally Full Fledged

Naturally Full Fledged Beard In Short Beard Styles

If you really want that carefree facial hair style, this is it. The beard can be left to grow naturally, just shape the goatee with beard shaper to the outline of the chin.

19. Burly Gentleman

Burly Gentleman Beard In Short Beard Styles

This look even sounds manly, and it really is nothing more than clean trim lines that give the beard a natural look. Rather than a combing or brushing the beard, allow it to curl naturally.

20. Perfect Uniformity

Perfect Uniformity Beard In Short Beard Styles

Brush and trim a beard down so all the hair is uniform and flowing in the same direction. With the same length, the appearance has a more polished feel without being too conservative.

21. Long Hair Short Beard

Long Hair with Short Beard In Short Beard Styles

Although the beard is allowed to be wild and free, to master this look you need to shape and trim the sideburns and the outline to enhance the jaw line.

22. The Longer Chin Curtain

The Longer Chin Curtain Beard In Short Beard Styles

This is a more tapered look which features an extended soul patch and chin curtain. Leave the mustache long for personality and texture.

The Fuller Yet Long Short

The following fuller yet long beard styles are for the guy who is not afraid to sport a manly beard. These styles are less conventional for men in a corporate work environment but perfect for the guy who simply wants to flaunt his full and moderately long beard.

23. Short Beard “n” Shaped Mustache

Short Beard with “n” Shaped Mustache In Short Beard Styles

The upside-down “U” mustache is a lighter version of the horseshoe mustache. To make this work, you need to keep the mustache and beard disconnected to get the full effect.

24. New Age Elegance

New Age Elegance Beard In Short Beard Styles

A slicked back coif combined with a full beard gives you that edgy new age look. Rather than combing the mustache in a downward style, use some curling wax to curl the ends and choose your mustache style give this look some personality.

25. Going Full Throttle

Going Full Throttle Beard In Short Beard Styles

Grow out the beard nice and thick, but make sure to comb the hair in the same direction so everything is uniform. The sideburns need to be thinned out slightly to help separate it from the hairline. Give your hair a side part to create just the right amount of edge while maintaining a classic style.

26. The Manly Woodsman

The Lumberjack Beard In Short Beard Styles

This classic style makes use of a longer beard combined with thinned out sideburns. This modern twist on the full beard offers style but definitely screams masculine.

27. Patchy Beard Handlebar Mustache

Patchy Beard with Handlebar Mustache In Short Beard Styles

Here is a masculine and classic look combined that requires only a short patchy beard with the up-twist mustache.

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28. Heavy Eyebrows and Stubble Beard

Heavy Eyebrows and Stubble Beard In Short Beard Styles

The eyebrows are key to this facial hairstyle. The heavier the eyebrows, the more intense that stubble will appear. The focus will start at the eyes, then work there way lower.

29. Thin Beard with Fade-Out Hair

Thin Beard and Fringe In Short Beard Styles

One of the perfect short beard styles for guys with a taper fade haircut. If you have a thin beard, the combination of the two complements each other perfectly.

30. Spiked Locks and Sexy Stubble

The stubble look is right on the cusp of a beard, and combined with some carefully spiked hair can really drive women crazy.

31. Tramlines and Line-Up Cuts

Tramlines and Line-Up Cuts Beard In Short Beard Styles

The crisp line-up cut is considered to be quite and elegant beard style. Smooth curves and lines work in both a business or casual atmosphere. Add a few tramlines in the hair to really take things up a notch.

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32. Mid-Length Spikes and Stubble

Mid-Length Spikes and Stubble Beard In Short Beard Styles

Celebrities around the world are all sporting short beard styles because the look is hot right now. Mid-length spikes and thicker stubble just scream sexy.

33. Full-Length Stubble Coverage

Full Length Stubble Coverage In Short Beard Styles

If you have overly aggressive hair follicles, let them all grow out and then trim them all equally right down to the face. The neck, chin, and sideburns area can all the stubble high and ready for action!

34. Messy Hair and Patch Beard

Messy Hair and Patch Beard In Short Beard Styles

The best way to compliment a patchy beard is with messy hair. Messy spikes help to maximize the effect, while giving off that rolled out of bed manly look the women love.

35. Thin Beards and Fringe

Thin Beard and Fringe In Short Beard Styles

With extreme fringe, you want to keep your facial hair to an absolute minimum. The reason for this is you don’t want one feature to overshadow the other. The thin beards work wonders in this look.

36. Chin Strap and Faux Haircut

Chin Strap Beard and Faux Haircut In Short Beard Styles

Utilize a thin chin strap beard to border the face while opening it up. The thick faux haircut is the attraction to this fun short beard style.

37. Stubble and Chicken Combed Hair

Stubble Beard and Chicken Combed Hair In Short Beard Styles

If your beard is not filling in as impressive as you like, the rooster style hair can draw away attention while complimenting the look.

38. The Serious Look

The Serious Look Beard In Short Beard Styles

The trimmed short beard is perfect for any formal event or strict work environment. Keep the facial hair the same length, including mustache, soul patch, and neck. Trim the beard with adjustable beard trimmer each day to maintain the exact same look, shave away any rogue hair in the cheeks.

39. The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack Beard In Short Beard Styles

Lumberjack beard style looks exactly like it sounds. Burly and bold, yet tame and managed. The beard grows out slightly but is trimmed along the jaw line. The mustache is trimmed to meet the beard, which can hang slightly lower under the chin.

40. The Lazy Celebrity

The Lazy Celebrity Beard In Short Beard Styles

Know why Brad Pitt still is considered one of the sexiest men alive? His facial stubble and messy hair combination. If you have long flowing hair, compliment it with stubble around the face but let the goatee grow out thicker and longer. This mess of a look works wonders.

41. Chin Beard with n-Shaped Mustache

Chin Beard with n-Shaped Mustache In Short Beard Styles

When you team up the “n” shape mustache and the chin beard, it helps to really compliment the shape of your face. Style the chin beard in a way it is pointed to really maximize the total look.

42. Dreads and the Short Beard

Dreads and the Short Beard In Short Beard Styles

This is the perfect look for African-American men who can match their dreads with a sharp thin beard.

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43. The Salt-n-Pepper Style

Salt-n-Pepper Beard In Short Beard Styles

When you have some gray showing up in the beard, don’t shave it, rather exploit it. The ladies love the salt-n-pepper look, so even if it is patchy be sure to showcase those areas.

44. The Chin Dimple

The Chin Dimple Beard In Short Beard Styles

If you have that sexy chin cleft, make sure you use it to the full effect. Grow out the beard right to the lip, basically in the shape of a “W”. This shape will also allow your chin to appear much stronger and prominent.

45. Dark Shadow Line

Dark Shadow Line Beard In Short Beard Styles

One of the best line-up short beard styles is allowing longer stubble to grow wild on the face. Keep it trimmed long so it looks like that five o’clock shadow is working its magic around the clock.

46. Chin Curtain Goatee

Chin Curtain with Goatee Beard Styles

There is no limit with the combinations of facial hairs. This beard style is really good looking and unique. Combine chin curtain and goatee style to get this awesome and unique style.

47. Mustache, Soul Patch, and Chin Beard

Mustache, soul patch and chin beard in short beard styles

The neat mustache, a soul patch, and the short chin beard combined all together create this amazing style. The rest of the face is clear shaven. This beard style is great for those who can’t grow a full beard.