Finally, you have decided that it is time for you to grow that beard out. But it itches all the time, right? Sometime even to the point that you want to just shave that facial fuzz away! Yes, this is common and, this happens to everyone trying to grow their beard. Before we consider how we can keep that itch at bay, it helps to know why it itches so.

One of the main reasons why your beard itches is because you shave. Yes, you heard that right. Shaving makes those hairs sharper and as it grows out, it can poke into your skin. Another reason that it itches is because growing it out can cause your face to dry up, sometimes to the point of collecting fine skin dust. Now that we know why, let us find out to solve this.

First of all, make sure you keep your beard clean always. This would entail regular shampoo and conditioning. Make sure not to use hair shampoo or soap on your beard as this would only damage your facial hair. Invest in some good beard product like beard shampoos and conditioners.

Once done, know that just a conditioner may not be enough. Apply some beard wax to keep the hair moist throughout the day. You can also use oil instead of wax if you think that is better. But remember, too much oil makes it look greasy and too little may not work wonders.

Exfoliate your skin once a week and use a face cream or lotion to prevent frequent dry-out.

Eat healthy, and hydrate frequently!