is a website that is exclusive to beardmans and all things beard, so we expect that we don’t need to convince most of you on why a beard is essential. But, for those of you looking for a reason, we can offer several.

1. It oozes masculinity!
Beards and mustaches have both defined masculinity through the ages for as long as man can remember. Having a beard puts you on the right track to look manly, wise and perfect!

2. Women LOVE beards
This is reason enough! Women have found men with beards or groomed facial hair to be more attractive than those without any! So grow away men, and you will reap the benefits! A fun fact is that not only do women love men with beards, but men also tend to respect other men with beards more than they do others! So, this one is double the reason.

3. Beard enhances your health!
You read that right! Beards are beneficial in keeping those toxins and dust out, thereby protecting your skin. It also keeps out the harmful UV rays and can help those with asthma or allergic rhinitis to feel better.

4. Beards can inspire fitness!
Yes, it can. Beards are a good indicator of your physical health and it also inspires you to look better. To avoid the shabby look, coupling your groomed beard with a toned physique gives you that air of confidence that is unmatched! Hit the gym, eat right and grow your beard now!

What are you waiting for?

Discard the doubt and embrace beard growing today. It is calming in its own way!