Handle Bar Mustache

While no-shave November is popular across town these days, mustaches go way back into the 60’s and 70’s. They were the facial hair of choice to define masculinity. And now? Beards are in, coupled with bringing in the retro man’s style! The handle bar mustache is unique in that there are several choices of beards and hairstyles that go with this look unlike other styles. Even though mustaches were the norm in the golden age, handle bar mustaches were iconic.

Handle bar mustaches can give you the classic suave look, but remember that it can look old timey very fast if you are not careful to reign in that hair on your head. If you are ready to do that, handle style your mustache away!

Like for a circle beard, a more structured pattern of clothing is most suited for the handle bar mustache. Choose stripes, checkered shirts and even a solid deep colored vest to get that neat styled look about you. Pairing this ensemble with oxford wingtips can give you that classy, well-groomed and respectable look that is necessary at any work environment.

Look for structured, tailored, patterned button-downs that not only accentuates the shape of a toned body but can also give you a more distinguished yet edgy type of look. Taking a peek into the world of celebrities, you can see that the handle bar mustache has come back into vogue and how! It is sported by cricket favorites like Shikhar Dhawan and Ravindra Jadeja and the critically acclaimed actor, Ranveer Singh!

Go on and get your vogue on!