In this series of ‘Dressing for Work’ we explore what you need to keep in mind when deciding what to wear for work and whether it will go with your beard. The type of beard you sport makes a difference when you pick out your formal attire.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of choice as per style, let us keep in mind a few basic tips on dressing for work.

Always ensure to dress in deeper shades. Most often than not, dark colors are associated with being authoritative and confident. Don’t wear flashy colors, it can be off putting. Another common error men make is to bathe themselves in cologne or perfume. Remember, this can be both disturbing and distracting for those around you and they may not be very pleased about it. Most important, keep your facial hair in check.

How do I dress for a circle beard?

First off, always groom your facial hair (trim it, condition it, wax it and brush it). A short circle beard is the perfect balance of scruff and style. You need to be sure to complement this with your clothing.

We recommend,

A structured button-down shirt for that classic yet formal look paired with a more contemporary pencil fit pants that end at your ankles. Avoid wearing ankle socks and choose from a range of dress socks coupled with neat and polished loafers either in black or brown.

They say that your success at the work place depends a lot on how you look. So, dress well and dress smart