Most often than not, beards are associated with being messy or unkempt. But, the lesser known fact is that beards can actually keep your skin clear and ward off unwanted irritants too. How, you ask?

Well, growing up in an Indian household you would have been surrounded by men with either a mustache or a beard. And many a time, you would have made fun of them for finding food or milk or even water stuck to their mustaches. And this is exactly what keeps you with a beard healthy.

A beard and a mustache is a natural sun protection factor (SPF) which means that it protects you from the harmful UV rays and the pollution that can just ruin your skin. Another aspect is that frequent shaving causes ingrown hair and sometimes even lead to increased pimples on the skin that can not only be painful, but can also look unsightly. What all this pretty much means is that having a beard can make you look younger for longer!

For those with asthma, having a beard is good news because it keeps all those dust away from your nose and throat; so basically, it helps you breathe in cleaner air! Besides this, several surveys have also showed that those with beards are perceived to be more masculine. Have you also noticed how confident these men around you were? Wear that masculinity with a touch of confidence.

Need we say more?

So, boys and men out that with beards, be nothing but proud and flaunt them off! But, also be sure to keep your beards and mustaches neat and trimmed and clean for that rugged smoldering look! Let’s face it, beards are hip, happening and now healthy too!